Water Birth – Benefits to The Mother And Baby

Water birth is increasingly becoming the norm worldwide. Its many benefits to the mother and baby are making everybody sit up and take notice of this unconventional yet very effective method of giving birth.Starting with the mother, many a pregnant woman who has gone through labor pains would do anything to reduce or minimize it if possible.

Water birth not only reduces labor pain, especially lower back pain by up to 70 percent, but also is very effective in speeding up the entire birth process thereby reducing the exhaustion of the mother to a bare minimum.

Water birth is also soothing to the mind and body as it relaxes the muscles and joint tissues thereby easing your skeletal system to make way for the baby’s birth as smooth as possible.

To the baby, water birth helps in reducing ‘birth trauma‘. The baby is securely safeguarded in the amniotic fluid filled sac until its birth. The baby’s birth into a new and dry environment could trigger a shock or trauma, which sometimes leads to serious repercussions beyond our control.

A water birth ensures transition from fluid to fluid, which is comforting for the baby and gives him enough time to adapt to the new environment.

Coming to the process, water birth takes place in a tub or a pool filled with warm water. The warm water helps in reducing labor pain .This is known as ‘hydro labor’ which is the first part of water birth. The delivery takes place in the second half, which is the ‘hydro -birth’.

All healthy expectant mothers can have water birth that does not require the use of any pain control medication .It also reduces the need for an episiotomy, forceps delivery epidural or any assisted birth techniques related to pregnancy as the water eases and expands you muscles successfully during the birth process.

However, much that you support water birth, it should not be attempted by women who are in the high-risk category or those with complications. There are many misconceptions about water birth as to the baby getting drowned or suffocated in the pool of water.

These fears are in fact unfounded as the umbilical chord is still attached to the baby during delivery which prevents him from inhaling water.Water birth is essentially a normal delivery with the exception of a pool of water.It in fact increases you chance of a normal delivery.

More and more people are identifying the many benefits of water birth, to both the mother and the baby and are going the ‘hydro-birth’ way to keep things simple and natural!


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