Ways To Calm Your Toddler

Most little children are up and about. They seem to have limitless  energy, and love to be around on their own. Parents are often begging their little ones to stop and sit still for a few minutes.There are some little toddlers who are hyperactive. They have little interest in sedentary activities and must be on their feet all the time. They are very restless, and hate being confined to one place or activity.

They will be found to be around dangerous things often, and will constantly push their limits. They are often jumping around, falling, banging into things, and being where they should not be.

They will bore easily, and cannot be engaged in the same thing for more than a short while. Hyperactive children do not like to be confined to a small place, and are often aggressive and throwing tantrums.

By the time your child is about three, you should find him settling better, and able to channelise his energy towards more productive goals. As a parent, though, you will have a large role to play in keeping your child within limits.

It is very important to have a routine for such children. You must set firm lines for bed times, meals, and also other activities. Although your child may resist these rules more, keeping these will make sure there is more discipline.

Give your child good reasons for the limits. You should be able to give your child some consolation if they are able to reason. Although you underestimate your child a lot, children are open to reason and will be more willing to co operate if you are patient and explain things to your children better.

If your child has been responsive to your commands, make sure that you reward him suitably. This will motivate them to repeat the good behaviour, and also make them want to co operate with you more on other counts as well too. You will find that it will take you a long way if you let your child win a few, small arguments.

Avoid dangerous situations where you may run into trouble. These may include eating out at fancy places, or going to upmarket malls.
Wear your child out.

With physical and mental activity through the day, you should be able to give your child enough stimuli and outlets for his energy, and he will be spent and satisfied at the end of the day.

It is mot important to keep your house child proof at this stage. Do this so that you do not blame yourself eventually.