Ways to Deal with Unplanned Pregnancy

Giving birth to a child is beautiful but pregnancy is not always welcome due to various circumstances. Both you and your partner are using enough precautions, when in spite of that you miss your period, you may not be happy for whatever reason.

Once you confirm your pregnancy, begin thinking what you want to do. It is an urgent issue but there is no need to panic.

Having a child is big responsibility and thus a pregnancy should always be planned. For women who do not want to get pregnant, but face an unplanned pregnancy have three choices:

1. Have a baby and face the situation
2. Give birth and then give it up for adoption
3. Terminate the pregnancy

Having the baby is not always a practical and smart decision. But there is also a positive side to it. If you have a great circle of family and friends who are willing to support you, you can go ahead with your pregnancy. Talking to your partner is very important.

Share your concerns. To bring up the child alone is a very big responsibility. If you are thinking of giving birth and then giving it up for adoption, you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

It is a very tough decision as a mother gets attached with her baby. Adoption is not a reversible action and so you have to make up your mind.

To abort your baby is not an easy task but it is a practical decision in many cases. It should not be taken casually as it is not a form of contraception. Educate yourself about various abortion procedures.

It is a very common procedure performed by doctors everywhere. So go through your options and choose. You have the right to choose.

Give yourself a few days to think but try to make a decision as soon as possible depending on the stage of your pregnancy. Make a decision after thinking about all pros and cons and do what you feel is right.

Talk to your partner before deciding on anything. You may feel a range of mixed emotions. Be strong and be ready to face the consequences. You can also consider visiting a counselor.

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