Ways to Get Pregnant with a Baby Girl Naturally

So you already have a baby boy and now looking for a little angel’s arrival to give your family a complete look. Before visiting a baby gender selection clinic, it will be worthwhile to know how to get pregnant with a baby girl naturally. This is because there are many natural phenomena at work in getting pregnant that you can exploit to your advantage to have a baby girl. And those baby sex selection clinics can charge you an exorbitant fee since they rely on scientific methods of gender selection such as IVF and pre-implantation. And the worst part is that these scientific methods of sex selection cannot give 100 percent accuracy.

So what is the use of investing thousands of dollars in something which is not totally sure? And the cost is not covered by your health insurance either. Therefore you can consider having a baby girl naturally.

Now that you have fixed your mind on a baby girl, you need to first understand and have the basic knowledge of the nature of sperm and the ovulation timing. Male sperm and female sperm have different characteristics. While male sperm moves faster, female sperm is heavier and hence a slow mover. But the slow moving female sperm can survive for more days than the smaller male sperm. While male sperm survive for two days, female sperms can last for up to five days.

Now let’s keep the characteristics of male and female sperm in the background and turn our focus to ovulation. It is a biological phenomenon which happens fourteen days before every menstrual period. Since you cannot predict the exact date when your period is going to come, you can invest in an ovulation predictor kit. This kit will help you know that ovulation is happening.

So having known that ovulation is going to happen, you can time your sexual intercourse a couple of days before ovulation to become pregnant with a baby girl. The faster male sperm will reach the fallopian tubes before the female sperm but with no egg released to be fertilized, it perishes two days after being released. This means the slower moving and longer living female sperm reaches the fallopian tube later but when the egg is released. Also, you can try a sexual position which allows shallower penetration to become pregnant with a girl naturally.