Ways to Handle – When Your Child is a Bully

The term bullying or bully brings a notion of concern for both the parents whose child is being bullied as well as for the child who is involved in bullying others. It gives a hard time to kids and has a negative impact on their development. Hence, kids needs parent’s attention and help to solve the issue and overcome it. 

So, if  a child is bullying others, it’s important for parents to chat with the kid and find out the reasons for his wrong behavior. It’s very important for parents to maintain their normal behavior towards them and handle the situation calmly and patiently.

Kids must be briefed about the wrong impact of bullying others .Parents must be very careful and understanding while listening to their kids replies and should solve the underlying factor .They must inform and take the help of school authorities as well.

Kids especially teenagers have the habit of picking up wrong habits very easily. They do not know its bad effects but practice it just because it provides enjoyment, gives  fun. Some may do it for the reason it provides him with certain amount of achievement and power etc .Some kids may enter into wrong friendship and thus develop this wrong habit.

While some may have been bullied by others and hence by doing so they are taking out their frustration on other kids. Reasons may be many and hence its important  to understand them and then handle it .This requires building strong relationship with their kids so that parents are aware about their kids activities at school or other places .As well as this helps the parents to keep a track on their kids changing behavior.

Friends are important .However, wrong selection of friends can lead to wrong things in life.Hence, parents must always keep a track of their kid’s friend circle and guide them from time to time. Secondly, parents must build a loving and happy environment at home, so that kids do not take out the frustration  of their unpleasant home atmosphere in schools on their friends or other students.

Parents must not encourage wrong behavior of their kids even at home. They need to be corrected on time because if the same is not corrected, kids may practice it in school or other public places as well.

Therefore it’s important for parents to institute within them the healthy manners through positive parenting.

Raka Raghuvanshi