Ways To Make A School First Aid Kit

When your baby has grown up to be a little girl or boy, your parenting responsibilities get changed. Now, you are supposed to teach the kid the disciplines that will make him or her suitable for a civilized world.

The first step towards that is to impart proper education. So, it is your duty to get the kid admitted to a good school where the child learns academic lessons as well as the basic decorum to become independent and well disciplined individual.

When talking about being independent, it is to be realized that schooling is a phase when the kid remains away from the house and parental guidance for a longer time, for the first time. He or she is supposed to act actively and take care of him or herself all alone, with teachers and mentors to guide when asked for.

There can be situations when the child can meet with minor accidents while playing with friends at the play ground or tumble while coming down hurriedly from the stairs. It might not always be possible for the kid to run instantly for first aid.

So, the best thing is to make his or her school bag equipped with the necessary medicines the child might need immediately during such situations. Once you make your child get into the practice, it will continue forever, assisting the kid in many immediate situations. So, let us see how you can make such a school first aid bag.

Step 1: Make An Attractive First Aid Box

Get hold of a plastic box of medium size and in white color. A square lunch box can also be an option. Children love it when you treat them as adults in certain situations. So, a formal looking first aid box will be a great idea. It is best if you can arrange for one that has a transparent lid so that the things inside can be seen from outside.

Now, on a paper, draw a bandage resembling a cartoon figure, with protruding eyes and a big, smiling face. Cut a red band to paste across it like a medical cross. Affix it on top of the lid. At one of the sides of the box, paste a label that contains the name, address, class, section, the contact information and other detail.

Step 2: Arrange For The Necessary Things For First Aid

Your next step will be to arrange the things that are the essential first aid items. You will need to arrange a roll of clean surgical cotton, some gauge, a small scissor, some bandages of varying shapes, a bottle of antiseptic lotion, an antiseptic ointment.

You will also need hand sanitizer, a pair of clean hand towels, an anti-inflammation ointment and an ointment that can be applied on burns, an ointment for sprains, a lip balm and an ointment for headache.

Never keep any oral medicines as the kid might get confused and use the wrong medicine, ending up in great hazards. Also avoid keeping any sharp objects inside like blades or cutters as the child might get wounded. Always check the manufacturing date of the medicines you buy.

Step 3 – Set The First Aid Box

When the first aid box has been made and all the articles have been arranged, organize them properly inside the box. Never forget to affix a list of the name of the medicines and their uses in the inner side of the lid, so that the kid can refer to them when required. Close the lid properly and finally insert the box inside one of the pouches of the kid’s school bag.

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