Easy Ways To Raise Smart Kids

Teach Your Kids Some Practical Habits To Make Them SmartGone are those days when report cards used to be the parameter to measure a child’s mental ability. Now even the parents have realised the importance of Practical or Behavioural knowledge in a Childs life.

It is not just the books which will make their child successful but the knowledge of the practicalities of life is also very important for the child to be smart and successful. We might have seen that some kids are very bright in studies but if you ask them their parent’s phone number or any such thing then would not know it. So it is very important to make your kid street smart along with bookish knowledge.

Practical knowledge means the art of dealing any situation or people or any relationship correctly and smartly. International schools and various good teaching institutes are including behavioural studies as a part of regular curriculum along with the study of various subjects too. This makes the kids strong enough to face the adversities of world. Behaviour is something which can make a child rise in the life with great success. So let’s check out some practical things which we should teach our children to make them practical and smart in life.

Importance of Security

Every child should be aware of his/ her security with the growing age. The parameters of safety keep on changing with age so the child should know the parameters of safety practically as he grows. The child should not take anything for eating from any unknown or known person in the garden or on the streets. The child should not go out with any known or unknown person without asking his parents.

If someone is trying to touch the child physically then the child should shout aloud and make the people around aware of the bad habit and should ask for help from the people near him. The child should not be allowed to go out in the parking area or basement or dark and abandoned places in the school or the society. Small children are always accompanied by elders but 12-13 years old are always allowed to move out alone as they have to go to their friends or market or school, so they should be made aware of their safety measures. They should be taught to remain alert all the times and should avoid going out in dark and abandoned places all alone.

They should be alert while walking on the roads so that nobody just touches then and runs away. They should not take lifts from unknown people. If they feel that they are being followed, then they should change the road or the track they are walking on and go to a crowded place where they can ask for some help. They can hide also amongst the crowd and feel safe. They should not tell any unknown person about their family and house address or phone numbers. Any information related to your house and family should always be kept as a secret from unknown people.

Phone Etiquettes

Some kids are scared of attending phone calls and some do not know how to talk properly over the phone. So it is the duty of the parents to teach them how to be phone friendly and the right way to talk over the phone. The child should be taught the phone etiquettes so that he knows what to talk and how to talk on the phone. The child should say hello or Namaste while talking to someone known over the phone.

The talk should be polite and soft. Do not just pick the receiver and keep it on hold or not utter a single word and just run to call your mother. This way the person who has called will not get to know what the child has gone to do and might feel bad also.

If an unknown person is calling then the child should ask for his phone number, name and the reason for calling and should not give away any personal information to the person calling, then should call someone elder to attend the phone. If no one elder is in the house do not tell the person on the phone that there is no one in the house ask the caller to call after some time. Tell the child to talk over the phone in soft and subtle voice with respect and comfortably.

Knowledge of Important and Emergency Numbers

Even a four to five year old child should know his parents name, phone number, full address and your neighbours phone number and address. Bigger children should also know these numbers and information about the emergency numbers like family doctor, ambulance number and police stations numbers.

Alertness from unknown people

Children should k now the ways to deal with unknown people smartly. The child should talk about general topics and should not disclose any important information to the strangers when meeting them at parties or social gatherings. They should maintain a safe distance from strangers and should never share any personal information related to the parents and the family.

Behaviour with Guests and Neighbours

Some children are very shy in nature and the moment any guest enters our house they just run away from the guest and do not talk to them at all. It is ok with smaller children but if grownups do such kind of behaviour then it is not fine. Elder children should come and greet the guests and serve them water. If the visitor is your relative then the child should sit with them and talk to them politely and ask about their well being too.

Knowledge about Household items

Grown ups should know about electrical appliances like geyser, mixer, inverter, gas regulator, washing machine etc. They should know the basic operations of these machines like how to open and close them. They should also know about the main switch board of the house, gas, electricity, and water meter too.

They should be aware of the house keys, important medicines, first aid box etc. Small kids can be made practical by taking them along for small shopping trips so that they get the basic knowledge about money and things. Thus all these small practical things will make your child more smart and practical towards life.

Photo Credit: Pclsegov.blogspot.com