Ways to Overcome Nursing Strike

So baby for no apparent reasons has stop breastfeeding and is on a nursing strike. Many mothers are made to believe that their babies are weaning. But if this phenomenon strikes you baby all of a sudden weaning may not be a factor. Weaning happens gradually over a period of weeks or months and if your baby is on a nursing strike before the age of one, there may be reasons other than weaning.

Possible reasons include reduced milk supply, a change in the taste of milk, overuse of pacifier, distraction, new found liking for bottle-milk, long mother-baby separation etc. Quite understandably, you may raise an alarm if your baby has been refusing to be breastfed for some time. You get curious, anxious, and panicky during such times.

Some mothers even feel emotionally dejected and are worried that their babies are really staving themselves by stopping to be breastfed. Some mothers even considers bottle-feeding or weaning as they feel their babies will certainly get starved. However it does not help pressing the panic button too soon. Rather it will be worthwhile for you to find out ways to overcome nursing strike.

You require some patience and few efforts to get back your baby to its breastfeeding days. You may at the most require a week or for regaining your baby’s interest in breast milk. A subtle change in position may do the trick. Let there be more skin contact between you and baby during breastfeeding.

If reduced supply of milk is a cause for nursing strike, you can overcome this by expressing your breast milk with your hands or using a breast pump during breastfeeding. Such action will help in preventing engorgement or plugged milk ducts. Or you can feed your baby with expressed milk by using a spoon or a dropper. Remember, bottle feeding should be the last recourse.

Even if you choose to bottle feed expressed milk in a bottle, choose a slow flowing nipple. Again if your baby has stopped nursing due to reasons such as distraction, you can change this by breastfeeding in a quite and dimly lit room.

Moreover you should remember that babies like you undergo hungry and not-so hungry phases. You can also consult a lactation expert for greater details.