Ways to Regain Your Figure Post Delivery

So you have endured all these nine months, have gone through the stages of labor and delivery. Now you seem to be the happiest person on earth when you see and hold your baby for the first time. The joy and ecstasy of being a mother is incomparable. However, when everything settles down, many women do survey how their body looks post delivery. All of a sudden you may discover that you have lost your shapely figure. Now you have put on much weight, that hourglass figure has become a thing of the past, and now feels quite sad and depressive.

Though such feelings may be countered by the joy of being a mother, quite often you may feel a strong desire to get back your pre-pregnancy figure.

Post delivery weight gain quite natural as you were eating a lot while you were carrying the baby. Apart from consuming extra calories, absence of physical activities during pregnancy had also encouraged fat accumulation during pregnancy. Fighting post delivery weight gain is much difficult taking into account that you have now become a mother and has the added responsibility of taking care of your baby. Moreover, you body has to fully recover after giving birth. Notwithstanding these factors, let’s find out ways to lose post delivery weight gain and regain your shape.

Dieting has been the favorite technique to shed off extra pounds for most women. But considering the fact that you are breastfeeding, dieting is not the ideal solution. The solution lies in proper selection of food and not starving yourself. Consult an expert and let him recommend a diet plan. Avoid unprocessed foods and junk foods. Stick to a healthy diet. Also dividing your major meals of the day into smaller parts and consuming them at regular intervals will help in reducing weight.

Another way to loss weight post delivery is to remain physically active. Taking up an exercise regimen may again not be feasible at this point of time. Rather you can keep yourself engaged in physical activities such as mopping or vacuuming. Also, you can climb up the stairs rather than using the elevator. Bringing the baby stroller at a local mall or in a nearby park will work wonders for your figure.