Ways To Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

Ways To Relieve Back Pain During PregnancyBeing pregnant is a delicate situation for every woman. There is plenty of care and rest that is required to have a healthy and full-term pregnancy. However, not all women sail through their nine months of pregnancy. Many women suffer from various problems associated specifically with pregnancy. One such problem faced during pregnancy is that of back pain.

Majority women complain of backache starting from the second trimester of pregnancy and the ache becomes worse when they reach the third trimester. The main reason of back pain in pregnant women is the growing belly. The spinal cord finds it difficult to sustain the weight of the increasing uterus and starts bending forward.

This gives the pregnant woman a bad posture leading to backache. Backaches can the bane of our existence and can keep you from doing even the most normal of works of the pain becomes severe. In case of pregnant women their life can come to a stop since the doctor will advice them bed rest. Backache during pregnancy can be easily prevented. And if you are pregnant and already suffer from backache then there are a few things that you can easily do at home to take care of the problem.

Methods of Relieving Backache during pregnancy

Take adequate rest. Standing for too long or sitting at one place for a prolonged time can give you a backache. Always use a cushion or pillow to rest your back on. A hard surface will always lead to pain in the spinal cord. Pregnant women should never sleep on their backs for reasons other than back pain. Sleeping on the back can prevent you from breathing properly as you sleep.

Heat a bottle of water and apply it on the aching back. The bottle should not be too hot that it burns your skin. Wrap the bottle in a clean kitchen towel and then apply it as a hot compress. If you are working and have to sit on the office chair for long hours then relieve the pressure from your back by walking around for 5 minutes after every hour. This will give the back some exercise. Carry a comfortable back rest with you that you can put on your chair. This will also help relieve the back pain.

Do not lift any heavy weights. During pregnancy you shouldn’t be carrying any heavy weights as it is. The weight on your belly is more than enough. If you go to gym for strength training then reduce the amounts of weight that you use. Talk to your trainer. He/she will be able to advice you better on how many pounds of weights to lift and exercise with.

Don’t bend too much while working. Keep a correct posture constantly. Keeping your spinal cord straight can relieve the pressure from the back to a considerable extent. If you suffer from backache during pregnancy then join pre-natal yoga classes. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that has various poses which can help relieve pain from various parts of the body including the back. Pre-natal yoga is specifically meant for pregnant women and the exercises help the women ease pain from the body and also to have a healthy pregnancy.

back pain during pregnancy

Practice exercises on the exercise balls available in gyms. Resting your back on the ball with your feet firmly planted on the ground can also help with the back pain during pregnancy. Massaging your back with herbal oils will deal with the back pain effectively. Massaging will relax the muscles and also reduce any swelling or inflammation of the muscles. But you should be careful about employing just about anyone for the massage. Only experienced or professionals should massage a pregnant lady to avoid injury to the mother or child.

Do not wear high heels at all if you suffer from back pain. Buy yourself a pair of comfortable flats or better still a pair of comfortable sports shoes. Buy slip on shoes so that you don’t have to bend to tie the laces. Avoid doing any strenuous work even if it does not involve pressure on the back. Pushing your body beyond its limits during pregnancy is enough to give you a back ache.

Perform light exercises like walking and swimming to relieve the pressure from the back. Walking can do wonders in easing the muscles of the back. However, avoid walking if the doctor has ordered you bed rest. Prepare a bath of hot water and add a cup of Epsom salt in the tub. Dissolve the salt well in the water. Now soak yourself in this salt bath. Epsom salt has mineral properties that can do wonders for relieving the pain from your back. The minerals in the salt will reduce the inflammation of the muscles and help you deal better with your day-to-day work. You can do the Epsom salt treatment thrice a day to ease the pressure off the back.

Sleep on a comfortable mattress. The mattress should not be too soft or too hard. The mattress should give a firm support to your back especially during the first trimester when you will still be in a position to sleep on your back. Watch what you eat. Pregnant women tend to overindulge which often makes them overweight. Being heavy during pregnancy can lead to problems worse than back pain like gestational diabetes and sciatica. So monitor your weight regularly and control the portions of all the fatty foods that you consume.

Eat a well-balanced diet. Pregnant women need more of iron and calcium in their diet. Calcium is important for giving density to bones and also helps strengthens the bones. Strong bones do not get fractured or broken easily. Milk products are good source of calcium. So consume plenty of milk and yogurt every day. Your doctor will also give you supplements of calcium which should be taken daily without fail. Soak yourself in the sun light every day for 10 minutes to get your daily dose of vitamin D. vitamin D is important for keeping the bones healthy as it helps the body with better absorption of calcium.

Anubha Pandey