Week 12 Of Your Pregnancy

Week 12 of your pregnancy marks the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy.Your baby will be the size of a lemon and will have a length of almost 6 cm and will weight around 14 grams .

His face will start to look more human with distinguishable features like eyes and nose. The eye lids will be fused shut over his eyes.

The toes and fingers will be fully formed and nails will start growing on them. The skin of the fetus still remains translucent with blood vessels showing from beneath.

All the internal organs will be formed and they will be in the process of maturing to higher levels. The baby will be able to make sucking movements with his mouth. The circulatory system and the kidneys will also be fully operative. The genetalia will be almost completely formed.

By the 12th week, your uterus will shift upwards towards the pubic bone from its usual position in the pelvis. The top of the uterus will be just above your pubic bone.

You will observe noticeable changes in the skin .There may be an outbreak of pimples and many pigmentation changes will be seen in the skin. In some women, a dark line called linea nigra that runs all the way down the tummy is seen to appear. There will be also darkening of the skin surrounding the nipples.

Pregnant women complain of an increased sensation of heartburn around their 12th week of pregnancy. This is caused by the action of the increasing levels of the hormone progesterone in the body. This is not a serious problem and can be taken care of by a proper diet.

You many also experience severe leg cramps at night. This is a very common complaint and can be tackled by taking care of your posture and by doing simple stretching exercises

Pregnant women usually gain around 1 kg by the end of 12 weeks. But some women who suffer from severe morning sickness are seen to lose weight.

You will have your ultrasound scan which will reveal the growth and development of your baby. Any pregnancy complications and the chance of multiple pregnancies can be confirmed by the scan.

Eat a well balanced diet
containing iron rich foods.You should visit your physician for regular checkups and take all the prescribed antenatal supplements without fail.