Week 16 Of Your Pregnancy

By the time you reach the 16th week of your pregnancy, you would have already entered the stage of mid pregnancy.Your baby will be growing at a very fast rate when you reach week 16 of your pregnancy.

His face looks human and he can yawn and also suck his thumb.His head will be much more erect than it was in the previous weeks and the legs will also be developed.

His heart will be pumping around 25 quarts of blood a day. The nails of your baby will be well formed at this time.

The muscles and bones of the fetus will become stronger and his movements will increase. His skeletal system will also be developed to an extent that it will be visible on an X-ray.The baby will be around 11 cm in length and will weigh around 80-85 grams.

You may start to feel your baby moving in your tummy around this time.An ultrasound scan at 16 weeks will show all the movements of the baby. But the exact determination of gender through the scan will take a bit longer time.

Most women feel their best at this time of pregnancy.There will be a burst of energy and symptoms of morning sickness and nausea would have subsided to a great extent. Your uterus will be of the size of a grape fruit and would have risen way out of your pubic cavity.

By 16 weeks your pregnancy belly will start becoming evident. You will also have a weight gain of 2 kg compared to the previous month.

Your breasts will become full and tender and there will also be darkening of the areola. Your veins will expand and will show prominently through the skin.Stuffy nose, nose bleeds, frequent urination and heart burns are the common complaints which can occur at this stage of pregnancy.

When you reach the stage of mid pregnancy, try to sleep on your left side than your back as it promotes healthy blood circulation in the body and also makes the baby in the womb more comfortable.

Support your abdomen
and back with pillows while you sleep.Do not wear tight fitting clothes. By this time you should start your shopping for maternity clothing.

Increase your calcium intake by having calcium rich food like milk and milk products, kidney beans and oranges.Also go for regular checkups and stay healthy by doing prenatal exercises.