Week 20 Of Your Pregnancy

You will be half way through your pregnancy and will be nearing the successful completion of 5 months of your pregnancy term when you reach the 20th week of your pregnancy.

By 20 weeks your baby’s skin will be covered in fine hair called lanugo.The skin will be red and wrinkled and will be forming different layers.The bones and muscles will be continuing their strengthening process.

All the organs of the fetus will be in the path of development. The air sacs in the lungs will start forming and the baby will also start practicing breathing movements.The eyes and nose are in place and will have become more defined by this time. The ears are functional and the baby will be able to hear the sounds inside and outside the uterus.

The baby will be absorbing water and sugars from the amniotic fluid. He will also be passing a black sticky by product of digestion called meconium into his bowels.The kidneys are fully functional by this time. Also the heartbeat of the baby can be clearly heard with a stethoscope.

The baby will be almost 16 cm in length and will weigh around 340 grams.

The expectant mother will no longer be able to hide her tummy and she will start looking noticeably pregnant. The feeling of nausea decreases and your energy levels will increase. You will face problems with skin pigmentation. But this shouldn’t be a cause of worry as pigmentation and discoloration of the skin is seen to fade away soon after delivery.

You will be able to feel the baby move inside your uterus.The top of your uterus will be in level with your navel. You will also have gained an extra 3 kg as compared to the 4th month of pregnancy.

Take care of your posture, as with the increasing weight of your tummy you will be susceptible to problems like backache and leg cramps. Do not lead a sedentary lifestyle and involve yourself in activities like swimming and walking.

Do have a healthy meal and include plenty of iron rich foods in your diet to prevent yourself from contracting anemia.The doctor will prescribe iron supplements for this purpose. Along with iron supplements, do take vitamin C tablets too as they enhance the absorption of iron by the body.

Also keep visiting your health care provider for regular antenatal checkups.