Week 24 Of Your Pregnancy

You are almost nearing the end of the second trimester of pregnancy, when you reach the 24th week of your pregnancy.The skin of the fetus will be thin and wrinkled and will be covered in fine hair called lanugo and a waxy cheese like substance called vernix.

The vernix moisturizes the baby’s skin and helps him to retain his body temperature. It will also protect the baby from any stress , while he is passes through the birth canal during the time of delivery.

All the internal organs will be formed in place and will be undergoing the maturation process. Air sacs in the lungs will be in the process of development and the baby will be practicing breathing movements.

The ears are formed and fully functional. Even though the eyes are still closed, the baby will develop sleeping and waking patterns.

The circulatory system and the nervous system of the baby will be busy functioning throughout. He will weigh around 560 to 600 grams and will have a length of around 23 cm. The baby will have a heartbeat of around 160 beats per minute.

The expectant mother will have a rounded bump which will be growing at a very fast rate. Your usual clothes won’t be fitting you anymore and you will have to move into your maternity clothing.

The top of your uterus will reach approximately 2 inches above your navel. You will gain around 5 kg as compared to the previous month. The baby will be continuously changing his position in your uterus and you will become more and more aware of his movements.

During this period, many pregnant women experience edema which is the swelling up of ankles. You can deal with this condition by always keeping your feet in an elevated position while sitting and sleeping.

Headaches, constipation, back pain and development of stretch marks are other conditions which will trouble you during this phase of pregnancy.But there is no need to worry as all these are common pregnancy symptoms and will disappear with time.

Go for routine medical checkups. Eat a healthy diet enriched with iron rich foods to prevent the occurrence of anemia. Drink plenty of water so that you do not contract conditions like urinary tract infection and hemorrhoids.

Take adequate rest so that you don’t feel fatigued. Also stay healthy by exercising regularly and following a healthy lifestyle.