Week 29 Of Pregnancy

Now you are 29 weeks pregnant. You are very excited and also very anxious to know about your baby’s development. Now you have entered the third trimester of pregnancy. So you don’t have to wait very long to see your baby.

From now onwards you will be experiencing rapid weight gain. The lungs and muscles of your baby will continue to develop in the coming weeks. The brain of your baby is developing and maturing now. At this time, you and your baby need lots of nutrition.

This is a very important stage for the development of your baby so make sure that you have plenty of nutritious food. Take enough rest and get plenty of sleep.

On an average, your baby weighs around 2.5 pounds and more than 14 inches long. You must have gained around 24 to 25 pounds by the end of 29 weeks. Now you will definitely look like a pregnant woman.

Now you should start paying attention to your baby’s movements. You will be able to notice a pattern in your baby’s movements. Make sure to contact your doctor or midwife if you feel any reduction in movements or any abnormal movements. From now onwards you may start feeling pregnancy related discomforts like heartburn, constipation, leg cramps, insomnia.

Include calcium in your diet if you have frequent leg cramps. Eat several small meals each day if you are facing difficulty in eating.Your baby can respond to sounds. So try talking to your baby.

Try to eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts. Your baby requires a lot of nutrition and so do you.
Your body needs a lot of energy to give birth. Your digestion process has slowed down due to rise in the level of progesterone and decrease of space in your belly.Drink plenty of water and have fibrous foods to ease the digestion process.

Just enjoy your pregnancy. Pamper yourself and relax. Go for a pedicure or a massage. Have some good time and just do what you enjoy. You may not get time later on as your life is going to be busy with a little one. Enjoy some time alone with your partner.

chhavi khullar