Week 35 Of pregnancy

Now you do not have to wait very long to see your little baby. It will soon be a reality.  Now you should start thinking about labor and birth.Your baby is still growing but the rate of growth will now slow down.
The average weight of the baby is around 5.4 pounds and length is around 18 inches. You must have gained around 30 to 35 pounds by the end of 35 weeks.

Now the fat cells are laying down and your baby is gaining weight. Most of the organs of your baby are now fully mature, but his lungs are still developing. These weeks are very important for the development of lungs.

Now your baby looks like a little one you are soon going to meet. His skin has developed and is smooth. He has a really got some hair on his head.

Now your baby has learnt to react. He can respond to sounds. You can feel his sudden movement at a loud music or noise. He can recognize familiar voice.

You may start having very frequent mood swings. You will find yourself worried for nothing at all. If you are pregnant for the first time, do not over exert yourself by thinking about labor pain and birth process. Motherhood is a natural instinct. So don’t worry about anything and relax yourself.

Your baby might be putting extra pressure on your bladder which results in frequent need to urinate. You may also suffer from back pain, constipation and swollen feet.

These are some of the common pregnancy related discomforts which you have to adjust with. You may feel trouble while sleeping due to various physical reasons. Try doing some pelvic tilts before going to bed.Try to have a healthy balanced meal along with lots of fluids.

Now you should start considering who you want to have present with you during the delivery.Your routine visits to your doctor will now increase in frequency and your doctor will now check your cervix for signs of dilation.

It is very important to relax yourself. Just pamper yourself, go for massage. You may not get time later on.

chhavi khullar