Week 6 Of Your Pregnancy

Once you realize that you are pregnant you Will actually be waiting and hoping for changes to take place in your body. You will actually be wondering when the little bump in your belly will begin to appear and people will realize that you are pregnant without your having to tell them. Lots of people do wait for at least two months before they disclose that they are pregnant out of fear of any problems of miscarriages occurring.

By the time you have reached your sixth week your feelings of nausea and morning sickness may begin to set in. Certain smells in the kitchen and around the house may trigger your nausea. You may not even like to have your morning cup of tea of coffee any more.

If you are getting an ultrasound done in the sixth week you will find that in certain positions, your baby will actually look like a teddy bear. The body would be round with two tiny buds emerging as arms and another two as legs. There would also be a tiny head on the top. It is in this week that more development is taking place. The hands and legs are all starting to form, and the baby would have a small head in which there is an actual brain which is being developed.

This is also the time where you will need to take care as a lot of important functions are happening in your uterus. Your baby’s development is starting to take place and blood circulation is also beginning. You may still find yourself experiencing fatigue and tiredness, and may feel the need to np during the day. You will still be able to fit in to your regular clothes quite comfortably.

You may find that rather than gaining weight, you have actually lost some of it. This is absolutely normal and there is nothing to worry about, just so long as you are eating and drinking healthy.

It would be better not to travel around this time due to the various changes and vital processes going on in your body.