Weight Loss After Delivery

Delivering your baby does not mean that you will lose all your pregnancy weight. Once you deliver you will lose about six kilos; which means you will yet look about six months pregnant.

Do not think about losing this weight immediately. Every new mother wants to get back to their original pre-pregnancy weight. But do not be in a hurry.

You will not be allowed to after exercising until after eight weeks of a normal delivery and longer if you have had a C section. Do not worry too much about this weight. All you need to do is make sure not to put on any excess after the delivery. Eat right and eat sensibly. Breast feeding itself will help you shed a lot of kilos.

Eat lots of boiled vegetables and also add a lot of salads to your meals. These are both filling and nutritious and will not add on to your weight. Also add lots of fruits and juices to your diet.

This will not only help you to lose weight, but also will be good for your baby since you are breast feeding. Avoid exercises that may affect your back; as back pain is very common after delivery.

Even after two months it may be difficult to leave the baby and go to the gym for a workout. Instead start an exercise routine at home.

The maximum weight gain is on the stomach and hips so start doing abdominal and hip exercises every alternate day. Half an hour of exercising along with breast feeding will ensure that you get a lean look within nine months of your delivery.

You may also notice your stomach sagging a little. A good idea would be to wear a corset to make the muscles firm. This does not affect breast feeding in any way. Swimming is another good way to lose those added pounds.

Half an hour of swimming will give you a toned body very quickly. The last few pounds are the most difficult to shed so don’t get disheartened and just carry on with you routine diligently.

You must lose weight through exercising and not dieting. Avoiding fried foods and eat small meals at regular intervals. You will definitely get back to your pre pregnancy weight eventually.