What are Play Dates

As your baby grows play dates become a very important part of your life. This is more significant when he joins a play school or begins to go to the garden. Play dates are also very important for your child. Once your child begins to make friends you will also get to know other mothers and they will begin to call you over for a play date.

You should be very comfortable with the mother and more importantly your child should be comfortable with the other child and should be able to get along with the child whose house you would be visiting.

Even though a play date is not for your benefit it is necessary to go along with your child; especially if he is yet small. Let the mother concerned know that you are not comfortable sending the child alone and when you go see the set up of the house and get to know if the house is child proof. Children can do strange and dangerous things. Make sre that the windows are properly grilled or closed at all times.

It is your child and if you are not comfortable with the idea on going on the play date then it may be better to call someone to your house instead. A play date can be fun for your child. He will be very reluctant initially to share his toys but will slowly understand that calling someone over means playing and sharing and doing things together with them.

The children should be supervised at all times. Since they are yet toddlers they may fight a lot more and may need your intervention. If it is you who is calling someone over ask the child’s mother to came as well as it is better not to take responsibility of someone Else’s toddler.

Avoid calling more than one child on a play date as they are yet small and they can get difficult to manage. The play date should be selected according to who your child is friendly with rather than who you are friendly with. Let your child know in advance that he is having a friend over and would need to share toys with him and if there are things that he does not want to share simply keep them away.