What Happens At 10 Weeks of Pregnancy

At ten weeks it is yet possible for things to go wrong so it is better to take care even if you are otherwise feeling fine. Lots of things are happening inside your uterus at this stage in your pregnancy.

At ten weeks in to the pregnancy your baby is actually able to move though you would not be able to feel a thing. If you get an ultra sound done and your baby happens to move at that time then you will be able to see it. But feeling it will yet take a while.

Your uterus would have yet not risen above your pelvis as that would take yet another week, so your next visit to the doctor would make her examine to check if it has risen or not. The placenta has started its full function and is also now producing progesterone. Your baby is not yet even two inches in length but has arms and legs and also fingers and toes which are visible in the ultra sound.

You may find that there are changes in your skin and hair due to the changes in your hormonal level. You may also find that your gums are swelling or you have some discomfort in the mouth. Proper dental care is very important all  through your pregnancy. You need not worry about the changes in your skin as it will be for the better.

Take proper care on what you are eating and remember to drink lots of liquids and eat lots of fruits. You may find that you feel tired quite easily; this too is normal and it will pass by the time you enter week thirteen and it all gets a lot more easy from there on.

Since you are yet in the third month and only in the tenth week you may yet fit in to your old clothes. But still avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. You may have to start taking some supplements to ensure your good health and also the good health of your baby. So enjoy this month and wait for the next one.