What Is Attachment Parenting?

Not many of us are quite clear regarding the meaning of attachment parenting. A pediatrician, William Sears along with his wife Martha, coined the concept of “Attachment parenting”. It is basically the closeness you feel with your child both emotionally as well as physically.

The closeness is reflected by a variety of factors known as the “baby B’s” which are Bonding, Breastfeeding, Bed sharing, Baby wearing and boundary building.

Bonding is fostered when the parents hold their baby often especially in the initial weeks of their life. These parents take the crying of the child to be for purpose or because they need something opposing the belief that responding to the child’s cry every time may ‘spoil’ them.

This fact is even supported by the human biology and that is the reason mother senses uneasiness with their child cry. Breast milk is believed to be easily digestible by the child hence it is required by him/her very frequently. In the bargain provides him with a healthy immune system and nutrition.

Baby wearing means carrying your baby either with the help of the sling or a carrier or sometimes when you are out in the park and you just know that your child loves to watch things around him and you may use a stroller. Bed sharing involves the practice of having the baby sleep with their parents.

This gives the parents an added advantage of getting closer to their child. Some may never use a crib while some others may use it during the day and bring their little one to their bed at night. Some others may use cribs which can be attached to the side of their bed.

Corporal punishment
is not used as a measure to correct the child in Attachment parenting. In fact he/she is provided with guidance, gentle punishments such a barring certain privileges for some time or rewarding the child for good behavior.

For such parents, it is basically a matter of giving their child all the attention and keeping him/her close. It is treating your child just the way you had been treated or are currently being treated. They just have one look at the child and they know when the child is ready to eat, to sleep etc.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many famous TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.