What is The Apgar Score

Once you deliver the baby; there are tests that are conducted on the infant to check if the child is alright or needs some special attention. This test t is known as the Apgar Score Test. It is done on all babies. It is done within the first ten minutes of the child’s birth and is done twice.

The apgar score in babies should be seven and above and most babies do score that much. The apgar test involves testing the heart rate, the way the child is breathing and also its responses and reflexes and also their muscles. If the child scores as low as two or three that means the baby needs medical care.

Sometimes the next test may produce a good score as sometimes new born babies do need a bit of assistance so you need not worry too much about it. This is a normal test and usually by the end of ten to fifteen minutes most babies can breathe easily on their own.

You may find that all the doctors and nurses are fussing around your baby immediately after the delivery; and you are sure to wonder if all is fine with your little one. This is normal and the tests that they are doing is all part of the procedure. Your doctor will not really tell you about the apgar score test that will be conducted on your baby but now that you know you can ask her about it and feel better when all eyes and hands are on your newborn.

You will get your baby back as soon as the child is cleaned and tested. If the scores are low then the doctor will advice you on what additional care the baby will need and how you can go about it. Sometimes the score is low as the mucus is yet stuck in the infant and the doctor will probably suction it out from the nostrils and you will hear you child crying out. The practice of over turning and spanking the baby on the bottom is not as common as it used to be. Once the air ways are cleared you will hear the first loud and comforting cry.