What to Expect During a C-Section

The thought of a c-section can leave one feeling quite disturbed mentally. A lot of thoughts will cross your mind that will mainly have to do with the risk factors involved. The two most important things at stake here are your life and the baby’s life. Calm yourself with the thought that this is best for you and the baby since a vaginal birth would not have worked well.

Trust your doctor completely. Your doctor and his staff perform surgical births every day. They are completely aware of what they are doing and your life and your baby’s life is in safe hands. For your peace of mind you can even do some discreet inquiries about your doctor’s reputation.

Movements post c-section are quite painful the first few days and complete recovery takes time. Prepare yourself mentally for the pain that would follow post surgery. Discuss with your doctor about the pain relief medicines you can take while breastfeeding. Remember, the sooner you start walking after your c-section, the faster your body will heal and recover.A couple of hours before the surgery you will be hooked up to an IV.

A catheter will be inserted in your bladder and you will be asked to walk to the surgery room. Once you are on the surgical table the doctor will ask you to lie sideways and give you an injection in your spine. The spinal acts fast and you will feel your lower body go numb. The spinal also has a calming effect on your nerves.

There will be other people to help the doctor who will apply a liquid on your bikini line. This liquid helps sterilize the area to be cut. A screen will be put in front of you that will prevent you from seeing the procedure. You will not feel nor see anything. However, many women with c-section deliveries experience unzipping and gentle tugging motions as the surgery is being preformed. Within a matter of few minutes you baby is in your arms.

After the surgery you are taken in the recovery room where a nurse monitors your heart rate and blood pressure for the next 24 hours. The time spent in the recovery room varies from woman to woman. A day after the surgery the catheter is removed and you are encouraged to start walking.

Anubha Pandey