What to Expect During Labor and Delivery

If you are going to be a mom for the first time, you mind may throw up so many questions. And as your due date gets nearer, you may probably start to wonder what you may expect during labor and delivery. Some of you may be suffer from constant labor fear making your days even more anxious and unsettling. Now, just to allay your fears and calm your nerves, and give your anxious mind some respite, here is a picture of what happens during labor and delivery.

As soon as you enter the hospital, a team of healthcare practitioners will make a briefing of what will happen during labor and delivery. They also give you tips on inducing labor safely. After this, a vaginal examination is performed and the size of your cervix is determined. The examination also reveals how much you are dilated. All these while, your baby is also constantly monitored. Its position, heart beat are always under the scanner. A fetal monitor is also put in place to check the response of the baby to contractions. If there is no complication, the doctors may prepare you for labor.

There are three stages of labor. The first stage of labor begins when the baby starts to make its way through the birth canal. This is the most painful stage of labor. You may get partial relief from labor pain through breathing exercises or body massage. Both these methods of inducing labor work by making your body calm and relaxing your tight muscles. This way, the baby gets extra room to come out and greet the outside world. Your partner will also help you at this stage encouraging and comforting you.

The second stage is the stage of delivery. The baby emerges with its head first and gets a feel of the outside world. The magical moment is when you get a glimpse of your newborn for the first time. Your husband may cut the umbilical cord or hand over the baby to you if you like. The role of your husband can be pre-decided. The final stage begins when the placenta is expelled from your body. This is a quick action and you may even not be aware of it. The entire period of labor may consume about 10–12 hours.