What To Expect During Labor

Queries of what to expect just before labor or while you are in labor are too many. There are many books and people who are ready to give you guidelines on how to care for yourself before and after the birth of your baby, but none on how to handle yourself right before and during the actual event.Here are few queries commonly asked by mothers to be.

Is inviting my husband or family member to support me during pregnancy a good idea?

Well, on tv or movies mothers on the delivery tables are shown to scream their heads out and cuss at anyone and everyone.But the truth is your reactions are going to be just the same as how it is otherwise. If you react loudly when in pain or stressed, you are bout to behave the same way during your labour too.

Pubic hair, to wax? or not to wax?

These days most young women get a bikini wax and vaginal shaving, but its not something that everyone has to or chooses to do. But during childbirth you are exposed and well may seem ashamed of going au naturale in front of many people. But the truth is all these people are professionals and they really dont care if your are clean shaved or not.

Will the pain relievers make me puke all over myself?

Some painkillers will mostly make you nauseous, mainly those who dont give you relief from pain but just dull it. If you are prone to feeling nauseous frequently then chances are the pain relievers will make you throw up.The epidural makes you light headed, hence making you feel queasy. But there is not guarantee that you wont feel queasy even if you skip the epidural, because of the contractions.

Will I be the same ‘down there’?

Well, this question is asked by almost all mothers, it is an obvious doubt especially after someone so big comes out. The truth is, after you are healed and get enough strengthening exercise to regain you muscle tone, you’ll probably be able to have an active sex life again.

The sex may feel different at first, since the scar tissue will need some stretching. Kegels, will help ou regain the strength of the vaginal wall and  and will promote blood flow. Remember to take it slow and ease into the whole act and if you do gt time off from the baby, but not in mood for sex there are other ways to be intimate with each other.

Meera M.Das