What To Expect During The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

When your pregnancy has progressed up till its 24th week, it means you have entered into the third trimester. This is one of the most exciting times of the pregnancy, since it when you can start feeling the movements of the baby inside your womb. At the same time, this trimester is also very tiring since it takes the maximum toll on the mother’s body. However, once you know what to expect during the third trimester of pregnancy, it can be quite easy to handle.

Once you have entered the third trimester, the body starts to become noticeably larger around the stomach region, since the baby undergoes a growth spurt. There are also many hormonal changes in the body due to the body preparing for labour. Apart from that, there are many typical symptoms of this stage that one should expect. The first of these is shortness of breath. With the increasing size of the uterus, it pushes up against the lungs and makes it harder to breathe. It is best not to over work oneself during this time.

The next symptom is having difficulty in holding urine. Since there is immense pressure on the bladder from the uterus, expectant mothers have to use the bathroom quite often. However, this usually stops within a few days after the birth. At the same time, it becomes harder for the mother-to-be to fall asleep during this time. Because of the pressure put on the body by the growing baby, one can find it hard to fall asleep in familiar positions. It is during this time that the baby starts kicking and a mother can feel every kick, which can make trying to fall into a deep sleep difficult.

An expectant mother will also undergo a number of mood swings during this time, due to the sudden increase of hormones in the body. It is best to deal with them patiently. Another common thing to expect during the third trimester of pregnancy is false labour pains, which are also known as the Braxton Hicks contractions. These contractions make it feel like one is going into labour and the sudden onset of these contractions often causes anxiety. However, all of this is part of the third trimester and nothing to worry about.