What To Expect Just Before You Go Into Labor

There are many books written on what to expect and how to care for yourself during your pregnancy and how to care for yourself and the baby after he or she’s born, but has anyone told you what you’ll go through right before and during the childbirth?

There are many questions a new mother has and not too many people answer them, either because they are too grossed by it or they just want you to experience it. Here are few questions that maybe boggling your mind and answers to them, that may help you.

Will my water break in public? is the first question asked by most expectant mothers. Well, the fact of the matter is that your water breaks just before you go into labor and it wont splurge down your leg but just trickle down. Also, your amniotic fluid is sort of corked in by the baby’s head and wont leak out very fast.

Moreover when you are very close to the due date, chances of you stepping out the house for performing any chores is very very low.But just in case your water does break in public then remember, no one will mistake you to be peeing in your pants, but will definitely want to help you. Talk to your doctor and partner and get to the hospital immediately, also people around you are definitely going to try and help you any which way they can so do not hesitate in taking it.

How gross is the mucous plug really? Well, mucous plug is  a little gross, it is basically a thick glob of mucous that blocks the vaginal passage and is sometimes tinged with blood. This discharge is very similar to a menstrual clot and either comes at go or in parts,wear a sanitary napkin or a special panty close to the time of labor. Usually this is followed by labor, if not immediately at least couple of days later.

Will I have an early labor if it runs in my family? There are chances that you may, keep up regularly with your doctor’s appointment and talk to her about this. Your doctor may give you an advise on how to prevent premature delivery. If required prepond your maternity leave so that you can avoid the risk of having a baby right in middle of your work place.

Big, red and huge placenta is what the doctors are going to be hoping for,do not worry about lookign at it and getting grossed out because when its time to clear out the placenta you are already going to be cooing with your little bundle of joy.

A huge red placenta means the baby is healthy and you looked after yourself through the pregnancy term, whereas a tiny small shriveled placenta means your baby must have not got the required amount of nutrition.The placenta and other after birth is examined by the doctor soon as your baby is born.

Will I poop while giving birth? Well, there are chances of this happening because the birthing canal and the rctum is parallel, so while pushing out the baby you are bound to apply pressure on your rectum too causing it to relieve itself. The thought may seem gross, but every attendee in the labor room is used to this and they will not let your baby fall into the poop. Though you will be given an enema before the labor, there has been few cases of this occurance, but there’s nothing you need to worry about.

Meera M.Das