What to Get Before the Birth of the Baby

There is so much excitement when you announce your pregnancy. People constantly give you advice on what to do, how to do and other such things. As you get into your seventh month you should start to get things that you will need for the baby when he or she arrives. Most people stock up on the clothes; but there is a lot more you need than just clothes.

First time parents can spend exorbitant amounts on things for the baby. They will most likely opt for second hand stuff. Before you actually start shopping remember that the things you are going to get are big and they will require space. So first create space in your home for all the necessities for the child.

On e of the most important things to get is a cot for the infant to sleep in. Care should be taken when buying this. Do not buy a very small one; get one that you can use for at least one and a half years. Make sure that the mattress base is adjustable and can be made higher and lower. See that one side of the cot drops down as this allows you to pick up the baby easily and without bending.

It is necessary to get a car seat for the baby as you will need to put him or her in it as soon as you leave the hospital. It is also good as the child gets used to sitting in it and is always safe. Invest in a bouncer for the baby. It is a small reclining chair that can lie on the ground which your child can be kept in before he actually learns to sit.

If you are going to be doing all the house work and will not leave the baby alone buy a sling. A sling can be attached on the body; front or back, and your child can safely be put into it and your arms will be free and you will be able to do what you want.

Pram that reclines is a must and get one that can be used for up to at least three years.