What Your Toddler Needs From You

You must remember that although your toddler is now more mobile and can get about on his own, he will still need you around him. He looks to you and depends on you more than you know, and in order to help your child grow in a more confident and secure fashion, it is important that you give him what is required.

The toddler needs someone who is always available to him. Not just when it is convenient to you, but also when he turns and looks for support. He needs to know that no matter what happens, it is alright. He also wants to know that he is loved even when he has done something naughty. It is important to give the baby this sense of comfort and belonging. You will notice that your baby grows to be much more confident when you give him this.

Make sure that you are always around even when the child is around exploring on his own. This is not the time to run away and chat up on the phone. You must know that the world can be quite intimidating to your little baby and you should make sure that the child can see you when he turns around. This will help him know that there is someone waiting for him when he gets back, and he will be happier and learn to be more on his own.

You must know that your child is watching you constantly. Children learn most things from imitating others. You, as a parent will have the most time with the child. Remember that your child is picking up a lot from the way that you behave around him. Once you are conscious about this, you will be more careful about what you say and do.

Children are known to learn things like talking politely, being gentle, aggressive behaviour and use of foul language all from the way they have watched their parents deal with others. You can also only practice what you preach. So be a model parent to your child.

The best way to reinforce what you do is to make sure you tell yourself you are doing a good job. See the results in your child. Parenting is a thankless job, and you are the only one there to motivate yourself.