When Can You NOT Use An Epidural

During labor the most common choice for anaesthesia is an epidural and the soon to be mother dont even opt for any other forms of pain relief during birth. But is the epidural sowing the seed for any long term illness while giving you a temporary relief from pain?

In certain situation it is advised not to take an epidural while giving birth. If you are already on some medications, it may effect on how likely you are to get an epidural. If there are any discrepancies in your blood work, especially if your platelet is low there is a high risk involved in the placement of the epidural.

Your weight, body type and certain illnesses like scoliosis, can also be another reason why epidural cannot be given. The structure of the spine may prevent the anaesthesiologist to find space for an epidural.

Epidural causes the blood pressure to go low, so if you are bleeding heavily, in tension or in shock then you may not get an epidural. Epidural and low blood pressure may prove very fatal at this point.

If your have an infection on your back, you do not want the anaesthesiologist to place an epidural there and worsen your infection. It goes without saying that you’ll not only not get any relief from pain, but the infection will worsen.

If the hospital does not have an all round anaesthesiologist, then it is advised not to opt for an epidural. If the anaesthesiologist is not properly trained for giving an epidural you may end up paralysed.

So what do you do if your doctor says no to epidural?

It is advised to get your health check up done with your doctor and consult with him regularly about being able to use an epidural during the time of labor. Enroll in a good childbirth class that will help you in focussing in different types of pain control.

You can also take help of a doula and let your partner accompany you in the delivery room to guide you and help you through the labor.A trained birth assistant will advise you on other medicines that you may take to hlp you get relief from pain,

Meera M.Das