When Children Vomit

If your child is sick and vomiting there is nothing to panic about. If the child has vomited stay calm. He is going to vomit quite a few times on the first day and that is good as he is removing all the toxins from the body.

If your child vomits think about what he has eaten the previous day as it is probably some food that has caused it. It will most likely be cake or a milk product that the child has eaten that has caused the vomiting.There are certain important things to remember if your child vomits. Most parents feel that since the child has vomited it is necessary to keep him hydrated and give him water. But this is not correct.

Do not give the child anything; including water for the first three hours. even after three hours water must not be started as it will come out as it is. Instead after three hours give the child water mixed with a small amount of sugar and salt. Do not let him drink too much; instead use a spoon and give him one sip every five minutes to enable him to retain it.

Give your child food only if he asks for it. It is better if he does not eat for the day. If the doctor has given you medication to control the vomiting then do not give any food or water for the first hour after taking the medicine so that you allow it to take effect.

You should also know that vomiting is most likely going to be accompanied with diarrhea. This is just nature’s way of cleaning the system and there is nothing to worry about. If the child is vomiting you must not give the child milk and milk products for at least two days till his stomach settles. Instead give him light food like rice and yogurt or toast.

These are some of the golden rules that you must follow if your child is suffering from about of vomiting. These will ensure that the child gets well quickly.