When is the Best Time to Plan a Second Pregnancy? Know the Facts

Taking a decision on when to plan your second pregnancy after childbirth is quite a tricky one. Taking such a decision may depend on many factors which include baby spacing, your own health, as well as your economical position etc. Now let’s examine these factors and find out when is the best time to get pregnant after childbirth.

First of all, baby spacing is a very important factor which you should consider in timing your pregnancy. Some parents prefer a four to five year gap between two pregnancies. While some parents prefers a shorter gap between pregnancies. Both these decisions are not without pros and cons.

If the spacing is too short, then sibling rivalry and jealously can come into play. Moreover raising two kids may be taxing physically, mentally, and economically. On the brighter side, childrearing time is cut short if two kids are short spaced. Moreover the two kids can enjoy each other’s company.

When the gap is longer, you can give personal attention to both the kids and rivalry and jealously are also absent. But then you have to spent more time and energy in bringing one kid after another. All these are in fact personal choices.

More important than personal factors is the medical factor. When you plan your second pregnancy too short or too long after the previous pregnancy, it can result in the second baby being born pre-term and low birth weight. When the second pregnancy after childbirth is planned too hastily, the baby may not receive the right amount of nutrient while still in her mother’s womb.

This is because you have not recovered fully from the physical and nutritional drain suffered during the first pregnancy and childbirth. And if the timing of pregnancy is too long, your fertility may have decreased by then. A woman’s fertility decreases gradually with each childbirth.

So how long a gap is considered ideal between two pregnancies? Well, it is generally accepted that you should wait for eighteen to twenty-three months to get pregnant after your previous childbirth. With such spacing will take care of your health as well as that your second child.