When To Call Your Pediatrician For Consultation

New parents freak out at the smallest change in the behaviour of their new born and their first reaction is to call the pediatrician for consultation. But you cannot be completely depended on your doctor and should start recognising.

when to handle the situation yourself, when to call the doctor and when to call 911. First and foremost be assured that your paediatrician is used to frantic calls from worried parents for the tiniest of the reasons, but this doesnt mean you call them frequently without trying to figure out what is wrong with your baby.

So before reaching out for the phone ask yourself How urgent the situation is and how long can you wait to call your doctor. Also, you should also be able to assess if you need to dial the emergency number instead of your doctor.

You will need to get in touch with your paediatrician immediately If your newborn baby is suffering from fever over 100.4 degrees and baby over 3 months have fever over 105 degrees F. Also, call him if your baby is crying hysterically and is turning yellowish or also, if he or she has lost conscious, crying hysterically or is having seizures.

In some cases it is okay to wait till morning to call your doctor if you are finding it difficult to feed your baby,if your your baby’s fever is mild. Also, if there is any oozing from the penis or any vaginal discharge.If you have any doubt or question about development, behaviour or feeding.

But in some cases you may need to dial the emergency number immediately instead of staying on hold with the paediatrician.This should be done when your baby is having trouble breathing and turns pale or bluish in color and is unresponsive and not breathing. Also, if he or she’s hurt herself and is bleeding profusely.

It is understood that you would be scared and worried when your baby suddenly falls ill and chances are you wouldnt be able to speak properly. But you have no choice but calm yourself down and speak clearly when you call your baby’s doctor or 911.

When you call them, tell them your name and phone number, your baby’s age and explain clearly what your baby’s going through. If you are talking to your baby’s paediatrician, you should also tell him or her any reference number allotted to your child’s file at the clinic, along with the date of last visit and any medical history.

Meera M.Das