When to Test Pregnancy

A lot of times when you’re trying to conceive, you cannot wait to take a pregnancy test. It is very common to wonder if there are any methods of knowing if you are pregnant before the pregnancy test shows a positive sign.

As a matter of fact, there are some common symptoms of early pregnancy which a woman may experience much earlier than a pregnancy test may determine. However, nothing can confirm pregnancy until a proper test and ultrasound makes your doctor confirm the pregnancy.

Sore Breasts

A lot of women experience sore breasts only after two weeks of conception. In fact the breasts start to become sore, full, heavy or tingly because of hormonal changes inside body.


A lot of women feel fatigue during early pregnancy because of the hormone progesterone skyrockets levels. Because of increased in progesterone levels, the sugar levels and blood pressure of the women may decrease while increasing blood production levels. Because of the combination of all these effects, a woman tends to feel sleepy.


Due to increased progesterone levels, it takes time for the food to pass through a women’s intestine much slower than it would normally do. Also due to increase in the volume of blood, a woman may feel more dehydrated if she does not have enough amount of drinking water. Because of this constipation may prevail.


Due to increase in blood circulation, mild headache may be experienced by pregnant women.


Often known as morning sickness, it is a major early pregnancy symptom and usually occurs all the time and throughout the day. A lot of women do not experience any nausea at all.

Faintness or Dizziness

Because the dilation of blood vessels and significant drop in blood pressure, element may experience dizziness or bouts of maintenance.

Frequent Urination

Due to implantation of embryo in uterus during early pregnancy, a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) get produced and it triggers frequent urination. It is a common feeling amongst pregnant women to feel the urge of using bathroom several times during the day.

If you are experiencing any or combination of the circumstances, go ahead with a pregnancy test and it comes positive, do make it to a gynecologist.

Pooja Gill