Who Will be There During The Delivery

As you are nearing your due date start talking to your spouse about who you would want with you in the labour room and in the delivery room. Once you reach the hospital you will find that there are lots of nurses and doctors monitoring and examining you before your gynecologist finally arrives.

You will first go in the labour room where you will be in a lot of discomfort and will need to make your self comfortable. If you are not comfortable having visitors; besides the hospital staff then do not inform your immediate family and relatives that you have gone in to labour.

If your relatives do happen to come make sure that you have told your doctor about your comfort level with them and she will in her own way ask them to leave. Once you are in the delivery room you may not bother about who is watching you as you will only want to push your baby out.

You will see that your regular gynecologist, the pediatrician, an in house doctor and some nurses are in the delivery room as well. There will also be an anesthetic doctor in case you need one. Besides them your husband and relatives and friends are allowed to be in and you are also allowed to let your delivery be recorded.

If you are not going to be comfortable make sure that they have been informed as you need to be the most comfortable. Do not worry about others who feel bad when they are asked to leave the delivery room. It is your personal choice and what you want.

Once the delivery is over and you are cleaned and stitched up; All the visitors will be allowed to visit you so let them wait for that to happen. You will be extremely tired after the delivery but once you are out of the delivery room you will not be able to stop the relatives and visitors from coming to see you and the baby. The main part is over so you will not mind the people coming in so that you can show off your new born baby.