Why Do Babies Cry?

All the little bundles of joy cry sometimes, even they are in a good health and spirits.Small babies have to rely on their mothers or someone else for the food and comfort.Crying is the first form of baby talk. A new parent finds it difficult to understand the needs of the baby. But as the time passes, parents begin to understand the patterns that their babies follow. However, there are some common reasons why babies cry.

I am Hungry:

A baby’s small stomach cannot hold much milk she gets from her mother. So try and offer her some milk whenever she cries. It has been observed that a full stomach makes the baby most comfortable.

I need Cuddling:

New born babies often feel the need of a close physical touch for reassurance. Some parents worry that if they hold their baby too much, it will spoil the baby. But this is not possible with the newly born.

I need warmth:

Babies take time to get used to the new environment. Sometimes they don’t feel comfortable by the feel of air on the skin. Don’t take much time in changing the nappies.

I am tired:

If you have lot of visitors at home, your baby is going to get a lot of attention. Don’t assume that baby will fall asleep whenever she wants to. It is difficult for a newborn to cope up with lot of stimulation. Too many lights and noise can overwhelm the small baby. Take her to a place which is quiet and calm.

I am not comfortable:

Babies cry if they are feeling uncomfortable about something. It can be tight clothing or a wet nappy. A wet nappy can irritate the soft skin of the baby. It is always worth trying to change the nappy and check if something else about her clothes is making her cry.

There are many things which you can do to make the baby comfortable. You may not succeed all the time but it will help you understand the needs and personality of your baby. So take deep breaths and never loose your patience. Remind yourself that crying won’t hurt your baby and it is a phase that will pass.

chhavi khullar