Why is an Amniocentesis important?

There are certain tests that are necessary to be done if you are pregnant. These will determine the health of your baby and your health as well. there are some tests that can tell if there is anything wrong with your baby. This is called the amniocentesis test.

This test is done if you are over 37 and are pregnant. This test can detect any abnormality in the baby. If your first baby has had a problem then this test is necessary. If there is any genetic problem in your family then this test is advised. Most women are quite scared to do this test. This is because there is a slight possibility of the test causing a miscarriage.

This test should be done together with an ultra sound. The doctor will insert a needle through your abdomen which will go in to the amniotic sac and will remove some of the water from the sac and send it for testing.

You will experience some discomfort during the procedure and will need to rest for a day after the test. The doctor has to be very careful and take out just the right amount of fluid so as not to cause a problem to the uterus and cause contractions.

If you are having this test done ask your doctor to do it with an ultrasound and also make sure the senior and more experienced doctor conducts the test. It is not necessary that the baby will be unhealthy. If the baby is unhealthy and it is detected through the test you are given the option of aborting the baby.

The choice to do or not to do this test is yours. If you have decided that you will not terminate the pregnancy even if the test shows some abnormality with the baby then there is no need to do this test.

There is a possibility of something going wrong during the test which may result in a miscarriage and you may later find out that you would have otherwise given birth to a healthy baby. You have to decide along with your spouse whether you want to go through with this test.