Why Is Your Toddler Driving You Mad?

Bringing up a toddler can really take a toll on some parents. It is hard work. Parents may actually lose control and find themselves getting frustrated being with the toddler. There are various reasons why this may happen and of course some things that you can do about it.

If you are a stay at home mom and you are with your toddler all day and if he does not nap in the afternoon and sleeps late at night; you are going to get exhausted and also fed up with him. Some moms do feel like spanking their toddlers when they reach a breaking point. Some parents feel like shaking them up and getting quite violent. These are some normal reactions but you do need to be careful.

Some times you may have an increase in work pressure or problems in your marriage or some financial problems. All this accompanied with your demanding and whining toddler will just make you want to scream. If your toddler is constantly sick or always has some ailment or the other and you have to constantly take care of him; it can also take a toll on you.

The nature of the mother and the child is also important to understand. If the mom is very anxious and aggressive and short- tempered then she is likely to get more irritated with what her toddler does . Your toddlers nature also will play a role on how you react to him. If he is an easy child you will be fine; but if he shows signs of shouting and screaming and throwing tantrums or seems to be moody you are likely to get more upset.

It may actually be that you as a parent have no time for yourself and are feeling frustrated being around your toddler all day. If there is some help by someone in looking after your toddler it would ease your pressure. If you have two kids it can be quite tough especially if the age gap between the two is less. Bringing up two kids can be quite a challenging experience due to their increasing and different demands.