Why It Is Important To Read To The Baby In The Womb

Why It Is Important To Read To The Baby In The WombThere are many experts who believe that a mother’s voice is filtered out till it reaches the baby in the womb. But others believe just the opposite. This difference of opinion put off the mothers from reading to their babies in their wombs.

It is widely believed that reading to the unborn baby can actually help to develop the skills for melody recognition. If you read to a baby in the womb it actually helps in the development of education and is also regarded as an effective soothing tool for a baby during the growth.

Importance To Read  To The Baby In The Womb

Babies tend to learn the basics of vocabulary right from the womb itself. They have the ability to recognize the voice of the mother and begin to associate that voice pattern with a sense of security. When you read to a baby in the womb, it increases the intelligence of the baby.

The baby undergoes an emotional progression as the baby learns to process the sound of words. In fact, modern science have proved that if you read to a baby regularly without fail, then that baby in the womb will start babbling as the mind starts processing the sounds of the words and language. These babies, when they are born. Grown up to be intelligent young man/woman.

Effects Of Reading To  The Baby In The Womb

When read to the baby in the womb, it creates a unique bonding experience. Both the parents must participate in these reading sessions to develop this bond. Even other members of the family can also take part in reading experiences.

Effects Of Reading To  The Baby In The Womb

This exercise is very important for dads to develop that special bond with the child. Many fathers feel that they are mere spectators in a pregnancy. So it is important for the dad to read to the baby as well. If you read a certain story to the baby continuously then the newborn will actually start responding to that story. This will help the new parents to calm the baby before bedtime.


Researches at the Columbia University have preformed a number of researches that has effectively proved that newborns do respond to the sound of their mother’s voice. A research was carried out wherein recordings of the newborn’s mother’s voice were played along with random voices of other women. The newborn reacted by sucking harder and thus implying that the baby was able to recognize the voice of his/her mother.

Popular Misconceptions

Contrary to popular belief there is no evidence to prove that audio devices that the pregnant women sometimes attach to their bellies are actually beneficial for the baby. In fact, you must consult a doctor before using any such device. These devices usually emit sounds or force movements in the unborn baby. So it is imperative that you obtain a go-ahead from your doctor before buying or using any such device.

Warning To Read  To The Baby In The Womb

Each pregnancy is fragile and unique in a certain manner. So you must exercise caution before attaching any device to your belly. The makers may claim 100% safety or even stick a label in support of their claim but it must be remembered that each woman has a different medical condition. So that safety tag on the device cannot be true for all women.