Why It is Important to Wait and Time Your Next Pregnancy After Childbirth

Many women have a mixed reaction when it comes to getting pregnant after becoming a new mom. For some, the happiness and bliss the sight of a newborn gives are enough to compel them to get pregnant once more. For some, pregnancy is a forgettable experience. While some say that they can’t wait to get pregnant again, some others say that they have had a horrific experience which they do not want to go through again.

But the fact of the matter is that your first experience with pregnancy may not be the same if you get pregnant for the second time. And if fear and apprehension are your reasons for not wanting to get pregnant again, your decision is totally naïve and unfounded. With a positive frame of mind, you can look forward to your next pregnancy. However, it is important to time your next pregnancy after childbirth for many reasons. Let’s discuss some of them.

Your doctor must have advised you to refrain from sexual intercourses after childbirth for at least six weeks. But you must note the words “at least” in the advice. This also does not mean that you can get pregnant six weeks post childbirth. Your body has suffered in a big way during pregnancy and childbirth. Adequate time should be given for your body to recover after the birthing process. Postpartum recovery may take some months.

You can speed up the process by following certain exercises to tone and strengthen your muscles which have been affected during pregnancy and birthing process. If you had an ovarian delivery, the pelvic muscles need to the healed before you can become pregnant again. If you had a C-section delivery, you might require more time as incisions have been made into your uterus. Only when the wound have been healed completely, your uterus will be able to expand and take the load of a developing fetus.

Again, you may have other conditions such as being overweight, severe back pain, or diabetes. These conditions may be been a result of your last pregnancy and as such, you should give enough time to your body to recover from these conditions. Going into pregnancy with these conditions may cause complications. So, wait and time your pregnancy after childbirth when you are ready physically and mentally.