Why You May Not Being Conceiving

There are lots of people who actually plan to get pregnant and sometimes it may happen quite quickly. For some people it may actually take a long time, and there are a few who just do not conceive despite repeated attempts.

The longer you take, the more anxious you seem to get. You need to look into your life and health and understand that there may be reasons between you, or even as a couple that may be hampering the ability to conceive.

If you or your husband are taking any medication it may so be that the side effect of the medication is what is causing the problem. Sometimes even simple medication you may be taking in the form of  antibiotics may make it more difficult to get pregnant.

Check your intake of tea and coffee as too much of it will also affect your fertility. You will find it more difficult to conceive. Have some comtrol over aerated beverages as well as your alcohol intake.

Your work place could be the cause especially if you are working in hospitals, reseacrh laboratories or factories and are exposed to various checmicals and toxins.

Another problem that could be coming in the way of your getting pregnant could be your weight. being overweight or under weight could affect you if you are trying to get pregnant. Also, cut down on the amount you might be exercising. People who have weight problems also suffer from menstrual irregularities and sometimes over exercising can also change and affect your menstrual cycle.

Your age is also an important factor as the older you get, the more difficult it becomes in getting pregnant. If you basically have irregular or scanty periods, you need to get yourself medically checked for the problem.

If you or your husband are smoking cigarettes this also will affect your chance sin conceiving and if you do, there is higher chance of having a miscarriage. A non smoker will definitely find it easier and quicker to conceive. Passive smoking is as bad. Understand the correct dates when you are trying to get pregnant.