Why You Should Find a Cure for Morning Sickness?

One of the initial pointers of pregnancy is morning sickness or nausea. An early sign of pregnancy, morning sickness is characterized by throw-ups and aversion to certain foods and drinks. You won’t feel like eating a particular food because of your increased sense of smell which is cause by hormonal changes in you. Worst still, you may even hate the sighting such food or foods.

Morning sickness happens during the first trimester of pregnancy and slowly subsides as you enter the second trimester with your body getting adjusted to the changes. The sickness is as such a normal part of the pregnancy process and is totally natural. But the consequences of this sickness may not be good.

During pregnancy, an increased intake of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins is required as you have to eat for your baby too. However, with aversion to foods and drinks affecting your dietary habits, you are not supplying enough nutrients and minerals to your body as well as your baby. This is why you cannot wait till morning sickness subsides to start a on a pregnancy diet. As such, you should find out ways to cope with morning sickness

The first thing you can start doing to corner morning sickness is dividing your whole meals of the day to six to seven smaller meals and consuming them at regular intervals. This way, the food will be easily digested and aversion and vomiting tendency reduced. Also, the last meal before sleep should be taken at least three hours before going to bed.

You may also avoid foods that are spicy, fatty, and acidic as well as strong smelling foods, as they tend to cause unsettling stomach. Rather focus your diet on foods rich in protein and carbohydrates. Again, you may also repeat eating the same food over and over gain so that your stomach is never empty. Also, drink a lot of plain water and fruit juices as constant throw-ups may cause dehydration. Include soups and other such things in your diet.

Again, your prenatal medication should not include iron at least for the time being. Iron has a tendency to induce nausea. Also, you can try other remedies of morning sickness such as acupressure and yoga.