Why Your Baby Might Be Crying

Since you are a first time mother, watching your child cry through the day can cause you a lot of discomfort. Most first time moms have absolutely no idea why the baby might be crying and how to get them to stop.

One of the foremost reasons for crying is hunger. Try taking the child to the breast and feeding him. If the crying is persistent, he is obviously trying to tell you that there is some other problem that needs to be tended to.

Sometimes, a hug or gentle rocking may soothe the baby and make him stop crying. Do not ignore the child if he is crying. You need to understand what the problem is. Check to see if his nappy is wet and just needs a change. Some mothers put too many blankets on the baby and the child may cry trying to tell you he is feeling too hot, or just too cold.

Try opening up some of his buttons or just change his clothes. He may be uncomfortable if his clothes are tight and he is not able to move freely. You may find that after rocking your baby gently, he may fall asleep. This may mean that he was only tired and cried himself to sleep.

If the crying is at a regular times each day, it is most likely due to colic. All you need to do is place the child on the stomach for a few minutes, or give him colic aid drops that are safe which will ease the pain. Once you understand the symptoms of colic, you can give it to the child everyday at the same time for the first few months.

If the baby is still not comfortable and continues to cry, it may be because he is ill and has some discomfort. If you are unsure, call the doctor, or better still, take the baby to the doctor for a check up. For the first month, your baby will be crying most of the time, and you will slowly be able to understand his needs as you get to know him better.