Winter Activities- How To Engage Your Toddler During Winter

In many countries winter remains for about 4 to 6 months in a year. Its hard time for kids as they can’t go out to play during this period and may spend their time in front of TV without any exercise and may gain weight as well.

The freezing temperatures that remain outside restrict the parents from taking kids to outdoor and here are some fun activities for the kid which can be tried during this period.

Winter activities

Winter Crafts

Crafts are one of the easiest indoor activity and most of the toddlers love to do crafts. Snowflake paper craft is a simple craft that needs a white paper, scissors, glue, crayons or paints. Take a paper and fold it in to half and then fold both the sides of the paper one after the other at 60 degree angles and then cut the edges of the paper in an arc shape to get a cone shape from the folded paper. This cone when unfolded gives a circle shape.

Keep the paper in the folded manner itself and chop the sides of the paper. Then unfold the paper carefully and color the snowflake with paints or crayons. Now stick the snowflake over a folded colored construction paper to make a beautiful winter card.


If you have your toddler along with his/her friends then it’s a great idea to make frosty. If there are around 9, then divide them in to three groups and provide each team a roll of toilet paper, construction paper of orange, red, yellow, black, one scissor and a hat. Then ask them to wrap one kid with toilet paper leaving his nose and eyes to make the frosty. Then kids can use the construction papers and hat to decorate their frosty with in a time limit. Also sponsor gift for the team that finishes the frosty on time and beautifully. This helps the kids to become creative and active.

Coloring Pages

Provide coloring pages and colors to the kids. Most of he kids love to color and they can use either crayons or paints to color their picture. This helps to improve the hand eye coordination and color sense of the kids. Even finger painting can be encouraged to have fun.

Wax Paper Skating

Place a piece of wax paper under your kid’s feet and allow him to stake all around the room. This play adds a lot of exercise to the kid and be with your kid to avoid any accidents.

Similarly a lot of activities such as puzzle, music, dance, paper plate snowman, Snow family finger puppets using a white knit glove etc can be practiced in the warmth of the house.