Winter Safety Tips for Pregnant Women

The chill of the winter can be especially unforgiving for pregnant women. The weather is so cold that you won’t feel like going out. You have all kinds of temptations to avoid outdoor and take refuge in the comfort of your warm bed.

However, this is a bad practice as lack of minimum physical activity during pregnancy is not good for you and your baby. So why not get some fresh air and enjoy the weather outside! And if you think that your little one will too feel the chillness you are feeling, you are wrong. Your sophisticated body mechanism makes sure that the fetus is kept warm even if you feel the chillness.

Nevertheless, you should follow the following winter safety tips for pregnant women.

First remember that you should be adequately dressed keeping in mind the temperature outside. This is especially true if you are going to a new place which has a colder climate than your native region. Get first-hand information of how the weather is like in the place you are heading for.

Remember that you are likely to get colder during pregnancy as sweating during pregnancy makes you lose heat easily. Moreover, since your belly size has expanded, the surface facilitating heat loss is greater. Moreover, the rising level of certain hormones during pregnancy contributes to heat loss. This means you have to put on extra garments to prevent cold exposure during pregnancy.

Exhaustion and dehydration can worsen cold illness. As such, you should avoid indulging in any sort of physical activity including winter sports that may put you in a stressful state. Also, keep snacking to get extra calories. Fruits and nuts and crackers are healthy snacks you can take along. Keep your warm and hydrated with a hot drink. Still, plain water is considered the best drink for pregnant women.

Also, don’t just remain seated and enjoy the outdoor scene. Your blood circulation may get decreased due to the cold. If you develop numbness in any area, it is a sign that the affected area is not getting enough blood flow. So, go for walks or get involved in any light physical activity to heat up your body and get the circulation going.