Women Infertility From Uterine Fibroids

In most of the cases of women infertility it has been seen that the underlying cause is the fibroids inside the uterus. These fibroids are actually a type of tumor, which are also known as myomas. This additional growth of tissue inside the uterus is pretty common for many women.

For some women, these do not at all create any problem and they can enjoy a normal life for long. But sometimes these benign growths cause problems for the fetus or baby to grow up inside the womb. Even the mother can also feel discomfort or complications in her pregnancy due to these fibroids.

Myomas or fibroid are generally harmless, when they remain small and less in numbers. According to the medical sources, in very rare occasion these become carcinogenic. However, when the size of the fibroid increases rapidly, then it occupies the maximum space inside the uterus.

In some cases, it can even disfigure the actual shape of the uterus. Now when the fetus gradually grows up it requires adequate space, which becomes impossible for the enlarged fibroids. This situation hampers in the normal growth of the baby and can lead to incomplete pregnancy.

Sometimes the fibroids grow in such a way that it obstructs the way through the fallopian tube. If this path is obstructed then the sperms will never get any chance to fertilize the egg and thus the women can never conceive.

Usually it has been noticed that the fibroids growth are more common to the women who are comparatively aged and have some genetic background with this problem.

If you can get to know about the existence of fibroids inside your uterus before your pregnancy, then it becomes much easier to deal with. Your obstetrician can remove the fibroids through surgery, in case they are going to cause complication in your pregnancy.

In certain cases, the surgery can be made without even making any incision to your abdomen. However, it becomes too critical, when you get to know about this after conceiving. The large sized fibroids causing hindrance in conceiving can also turn to be critical, as your obstetrician might suggest you to go for a hysterectomy.