Working Out While Pregnant

Staying active during pregnancy period is very important .It helps in the healthy growth of both, the baby as well as the mother. Exercises in any form are one of the ways of remaining active during this period.

It has numerous benefits and hence every pregnant woman must include certain form of exercise regime in their daily life. Exercises, nurtures and promotes healthy pregnancy. However, before incorporating any regular regime, one should always consult our doctor for their advice and follow certain tips and precautions.

During pregnancy, because of various hormonal and physical changes, a women body develops certain limitations. It’s not the same anymore.Therefore; pregnant women must understand her body limitations and never over exert .She should –

Perform mild exercises
Include warm up and cool down exercises
Avoid bouncing or jerky movements
Never exercise to exhaustion level
Wear comfortable and appropriate dress and shoes

Pregnant women should avoid exercising in extreme temperatures. This is because, while exercising body temperature rises and so her body gets overheated. This is quite risky and not good for the baby.

High temperatures also, gives rise to dehydration.Therefore, while exercising during pregnancy, one should always keep a check on our body temperature. Beside this one should –

Wear loose comfortable cotton clothes
Workout in an air-conditioned environment.

During pregnancy, it’s very important to keep one hydrated specially while exercising. Therefore, one should drink lots of water and juices. One must always sip water or sports drink in between the exercises to keep oneself hydrated.Therefore, keep a flask of water or sports drink handy while working out.

A pregnant body requires a healthy and balanced diet for the growth and development of its baby. In addition to this, during pregnancy, metabolic rate of the body also increases.

As a result, the body needs small and frequent meals .Hence; every pregnant woman must eat small frequent meals .This holds true especially before going for exercises. So, one should have a meal before 2 hrs and a small snack at least ½ an hour before starting an exercise.

Pregnancy leaves a woman tired very easily. Even the smallest of task ,drains her energy and makes her feel fatigued .This is because a lot of her energy is utilized in the development of her baby.

So,while exercising if one feels tired ,one should immediately stop working out. This means while exercising when a pregnant women feels tired, she should not push herself rather she should stop working out and take rest.

Raka Raghuvanshi