Writing And Kids

Expressing one’s thoughts into words with the help of pen and paper is an essential part of communication. A good writing skill has an impact on everybody’s life.

It not only contributes at school level but it also helps in later stages of life. It’s an art and hence needs to be developed and inculcated .Its said, ‘practice makes a man perfect’ and so writing skills can be enhanced when, we parents, encourage our kids to practice it with the help of certain tips and activities at home as well as at school.

For smaller kids, first step is to ask their kids to express their thoughts in words on any topic of their choice. While in case of older kids, parents should assign them a topic to speak .This helps them to compose sentences, before putting them into paper.

For kids who have started writing, parents should develop the habit of recapitulation in them and later kids should be encouraged to copy sentences from their books. The basic principle while practicing and developing these habits in their kids is to start with few small words/ sentences and then gradually increasing them. This should be practiced on a daily basis.

Reading and writing goes hand in hand.In order to hone writing skills, it’s important to have a good thoughts or expressions to write. This requires good vocabulary and so, parents must encourage their kids to read books, journals, dictionary etc to enhance their word power.

This in return, helps them to frame sentences, learn about new words and theirs spelling .Thus, reading books contributes in expressing thoughts in a better way.  Games or activities which helps the kids to learn new words and increase their word knowledge like scrabble must be included in their activity list.

Depending upon kid’s age, parents must keep sufficient books, journals to encourage them reading daily. Besides this, parents can also take them to children library on a routine basis.  Parents must encourage their kids to do their home work and pen down the lessons/questions which they have learnt at school .They must also encourage them to revise and re write their work and essays on a regular basis.


  • Parents should regularly  motivate and encourage their kids for their efforts
  • Teach the older kids to use dictionary. For younger kids, introduce children dictionary with pictures.
  • Encourage kids to join for open discussions at home.

Raka Raghuvanshi