Yoga And Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the stage where the embryo is being carried in the womb of the mother. During this period the expected mother under goes changes both physically as well as mentally and most of them may suffer from increased body weight, inflammation on the legs, nausea, exhaustion, giddiness etc.

Many of them suffer from stress as well. Yoga is an excellent exercise that can be practiced during pregnancy that can have positive impact on the health and mind of the pregnant women and helps them to have a smooth pregnancy. Yoga also plays a major role in developing the fetus both mentally and physically.

Yoga is a remedy to get relief from the edema, cramping of legs, nausea, mood swings, morning sickness and also aids in turning of the baby within the uterus in order to adjust the position of the baby for delivery. It also improves the appetite and bowel action and raises the energy level of the women.

Yoga also helps to relieve the tension around the birth canal and cervix and aids in relaxation of the pelvis at the time of labor to make the process quicker and easier. Yoga has an immense role in controlling the weight gain and keeping the women in good shape.

After delivery yoga helps to restore the uterine, pelvic floor muscles and abdomen muscles and relieves the breast discomfort and upper back tension.

5 Vital Tools of Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga poses are exercises that influence the pelvic region and reproductive organs to assure a very smooth pregnancy and quick and easy childbirth. These exercises improve the blood circulation and hence supply nutrients efficiently to the fetus.

Breathing exercises helps to enrich the tissues with oxygen and this abundant supply of oxygen improves the life force and fitness of both the mother and child. Mudras or Bnadhas or Gestures produce powerful psycho-physical stimulations that can effects the reproductive organs of the women.

Meditation plays a major role in removing the fears, neuroses and conflicts that are very common during pregnancy. Meditations also develop a strong bond between the mother and the child. Deep Relaxation or yoga nidra is the yogic sleep that is highly beneficial during pregnancy for providing the mental and physical relaxation.

It also prepares the women for childbirth. While practicing yoga during pregnancy use specialized pregnancy yoga mats that are firm and soft. Do practice yoga during pregnancy on a regular basis and benefit yourself during the pregnancy.