Yoga For Pregnant Women

Yoga for pregnant women is gaining very much popularity nowadays.It is an excellent activity which allows the pregnant woman to be fit and fine.

Yoga for pregnant women have many advantages.It is bound to make you more focused and flexible and will prepare you to withstand all the rigors of childbirth.The stretching exercises involved in prenatal yoga will help the mom to be to get through the process of labor easily.

Daily practice of yoga will help you in having a short and complication free labor and will also promote an easier recovery.

One yoga pose which can be practiced at any time is called the Easy Pose.Sit on a yoga mat with legs crossed and palms resting on your thighs.Keep your back straight.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and focus on breathing.The perfect posture will help to strengthen your torso and the focused and controlled breathing will act as a huge stress reliever.

Another pose which can be done by pregnant women is called the Cat pose. This helps in strengthening your hips and lower back and also helps to improve blood circulation. This pose will require you to get down on all fours.

The cat pose helps the fetus to attain a very suitable and comfortable position in the womb. This pose can be practiced as long as you are comfortable with kneeling down.

The Butterfly pose will require you to sit on the floor and bend your knee on you sides. Place your feet together behind you.Bend over slightly as much as you can, without straining the abdomen. This pose helps in the opening of hips thereby relieving the pressure on the uterus.

Your ribs can feel tight and crowded as the baby grows inside your womb. Variations of side plank stretches will help in creating more rib room and will make you more comfortable.

If you are pregnant, you should be aware that you cannot follow all the yoga poses you did in your pre pregnancy stage. Do not do poses which will require you to lie on your back as it can restrict the blood flow to the uterus.

Also avoid hot yoga as it will put the fetus in danger. While doing twisting poses, concentrate on your shoulders and upper back and not on your abdomen.

Finally, make sure to take the advice of your doctor before you start with prenatal yoga.